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How to activate a rented game in offline mode:

Download Steam (if not installed)

Use the user and password that you received from us and click "LOGIN".

Steam must request a Steam Guard code. Contact us and we will grant you access to the account.

After a successful authorization, go to the tab "LIBRARY" and you will find the game in the list. You can start the download.

When you're done downloading, launch the game.

Close the game and go into offline mode. ATTENTION!!! It is forbidden to be online for more than 5 minutes (running game mode).

Activation completed. All subsequent launches of the game in offline mode (If you need to update the game, go online, update, return offline).

Activation breaks down:
  - when reinstalling Windows.
  - when changing PC components(motherboard, processor).
If you have any problems, just contact us.

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